Mountain Resort Architects & Engineers

Mountain resort architects and engineers are the team you need to develop your property.

Mountain resort architects & engineers of a special breed design resort facilities.  Even more specialized are those professionals who design Mountain Resorts.  One of these mountain resort architects, HOME ARCHITECTS ® Senior Staff Architect Rand Soellner, ArCH/NCARB ought to know, he is the Architect of Record of about half of Jurassic Park for Universal Studios in the Orlando, Florida area.

Mountain resort architects and engineers have skills to tackle just about any mountain range.  CC 2006 BabaSteve of Mount Everest.

Mountain resort architects and engineers have skills to tackle just about any mountain range. CC 2006 BabaSteve : Mount Everest.

“There are about 3,500 mountain resort architects and engineers on the planet,” said Soellner, “While we were working with a team of professionals from around the planet, including the Netherlands for the audio-animatronics and the main Client reviewers in Los Angeles, to storyboard artists from Hollywood, we added up all the people on Earth who know how to do these things.  We came up with between 3,000 to 4,000.  That includes the architect and the engineers.”  So the gene pool for these specialized skills is rather small.  Mountain resort architect and engineers have the knowledge to develop mountain properties for use as recreational, residential and mercantile facilities.  The added demands of mountain experience reduces this number even further.

Mountain resort architects & engineers carefully plan with environmental considerations.

Mountain resort architects design for environments like this.  (C)Copyright 2005-2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.  One of Soellner's mountain resort projects in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mountain resort architects design for environments like this. (C)Copyright 2005-2012 HomeArchitect, PLLC, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. One of the firm’s mountain resort projects in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After all, the unique mountain environment is a developments #1 calling card.  That is why people want to go there and enjoy what you have to offer.  Care for the special and sometimes delicate mountain environments is one of the most important skills to possess when theming a resort and laying out roads and planning infrastructure, building areas, marinas, shopping, office facilities and the like.  Mountain resort architects and engineers of the sort Soellner has assembled frequently work in mountain terrain and most of them have their offices and own homes in mountainous territory.  They are familiar with designing facilities for the mountains.


Rand Soellner Architect’s focus is on Mountain Home designs.  Over the years, he has kept receiving the occasional call from developers requesting that he expand his designs for Mountain Themed Resorts.  That takes a special team of mountain resort architects and engineers, So, he put together a massive team of professionals (174 people) to handle this type of work. Click on any of the hotlinks on this page to be taken to Soellner’s website for more information.


If you are a developer or owner of acreage in just about any location on Earth and would like to have a themed resort of this type, this team can design, manage and engineer it for you.  It takes skills from all over the planet to pull off something like this.  These sorts of skills you do not find everywhere.  Skills of the type that recreates dinosaurs and the like?  Special professionals.  The computer servers in Soellner’s offices were working day and night, transferring computer drawing files from the audio-matronic engineers in the Netherlands, Orlando, the MidWest and Los Angeles.  If you have land in mountainous regions, much of the work has been done for you: the terrain.  The challenge now is to have talented design professionals find level enough ground to organize pedestrian and ride paths of travel to result in an interesting and exciting adventure for your visitors.

What happens when you engage us to design your themed resort?  We start with your land.  We have your surveyors accurately document it, including its topography.  We visit and study your land and it speaks to us.  We see possibilities: a large flat area perhaps for parking.  A steep incline for a ride experience up over the treetops.  Vantage points over valleys for possible zip lines.   Sheltered coves for tents with raised, hard floors for guest overnight camps, around roaring bonfires.  Places for hotels, guest services, entry and exit control locations, security and safety. A logical place for a dam, to create a lake = higher land value and enhanced UX (User Experience).  Multi-family locations for sales of interval ownership structures (Soellner was involved with the world’s most successful timeshare: Westgate Vacation Villas, near the west gate of Disney World).  The possibilities are endless.  We welcome hearing from you.

Mountain Resort Architects & Engineers

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