Mountain Resort Architect

Mountain resort architect :

theming and value engineering.

A mountain resort architect designs vacation and full-time living and recreational environments, homes, hotels, shopping, roads, landscaping, water features (even lakes and waterfalls), rockscapes and other facilities for people desiring to enjoy the mountains.  Developers may find this information useful.

(C)Copyright 2005-9 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.  Big Bear Lodge Designed by Rand Soellner Architect

(C)Copyright 2005-12 Home Architect, PLLC, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Big Bear Lodge Designed by staff architect Rand Soellner, ArCH

It takes specially experienced professionals, such as the HOME ARCHITECTS ® Mountain Resort Architect team.  You need a team of people that have the creativity to thrill, entice and delight your using customers and do so with an eye to Value Engineering (how architects and engineers save you money during the design of a project).

Mountain resort architect :

value engineering

Mountain Resorts are expensive undertakings that require a great deal of knowledge in the area of prioritization.  What is important and what is less significant to the User experience?  The Theme is extremely important.  You can’t break theming if you want your customers to have a seamless, enjoyable experience.  Rand Soellner, AIA (senior architect with HOME ARCHITECTS ®)  knew this when he helped create about half of Jurassic Park for Universal Studios in Orlando (as Architect of Record for BTA).

Link to Jurassic Park, Orlando

Triceratops Encounter Video (one of the attractions for which Soellner was the Architect of Record for BTA)

So when going through cost-cutting operations, millions can be saved, but certain things must be maintained to be certain that the theme (the “special thing” that attracts your clients and customers) is preserved.  Rand has helped save as much as $24 million in other major theme park projects in the $50 to $74 million range and can help with this approach on your project.

There are other firms that can do this as well.  However, in all the World, only about 3,500 people (architects, engineers, and others know how to do this).

Click here to see the 174-person Mountain Resort Architects & Engineers Design Team.  Here are links to a couple of the consulting team member firms:
Lamoreaux Civil
Fullerton – consulting highrise design


While primarily concentrating on the design of themed castles, estates, cottages and other timeless architecture these days, the HOME ARCHITECTS ® have been previously approached by various developers, knowing of senior staffer Soellner’s background with world-class themed resort parks.  These developers have wanted to know if  his company would consider planning, managing and designing themed resorts for them.  His ultimate response was to create this world-class team to handle such assignments.  So if you happen to be a developer, looking for an exciting team led by world class architecture, you may want to check out this team.

Other projects that Soellner was involved with included the Oasis American themed shopping mall in Kuwait City, and numerous lodge-style projects in mountainous regions across the USA.  As the economy starts ramping up, this looks to be a venue with excellent development potential.



Mountain Resort Architect

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